We saw Zach alive and well in the Final Fantasy VII Remake and this Zach cosplay is definitely making those Crisis Core remake cries even louder! Fans that played the Final Fantasy VII Remake saw Zach once more in this generation's graphic glory and while the hype ramped up those Crisis Core desires once more, this Final Fantasy VII fan took that Zach love to a whole other level! 

The below Final Fantasy VII Zach cosplayer goes by Taryn Cosplay and is no stranger to amazing creations! You may also remember his name from when we covered his incredible Johnny Silverhand creation to honor CD Projekt RED's Cyberpunk 2077! But for now, let's drool over Zach because this character deserved so much better than he got in Crisis Core: 

While there is some editing, that's definitely not where the talent comes into play. I've met this cosplayer in the past during convention circuits and in person? His cosplay creations are absolutely breathtaking. From the wig styling to the scraps seen on the pauldrons, Zach is alive and well (we think) in an alternate timeline seen in the Remake as well as alive and well in our hearts. Viva la Zach, he deserves a second chance!

For those that played the remake without having experienced the original or the corresponding side stories, Zach was a pivotal character in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, which made its debut back in 2007. This game acted as a prequel to the original Final Fantasy VII and was a part of a growing metaseries called Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. 

Like Cloud, Zach was a SOLDIER who was assigned the objective to look for the missing Genesis Rhapsodos, a fellow SOLDIER. In his search, Zach learns of Genesis' origin and how Project G influenced Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley. This storyline was incredibly important when learning more about Sephiroth, the in-game villain, and how he grew to be the powerful character we know today. 

Crisis Core was a phenomenal experience that really is necessary when understanding much about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Because of that, fans have been clamoring for a Crisis Core remake and this cosplay? This cosplay makes us want it even more! 

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To learn more about the above talented Final Fantasy VII Zach cosplay creator, you can check out Taryn's work and support him through his social media page here! As for the game itself, Final Fantasy VII Remake is available now exclusively on PlayStation 4. You can catch up on all the latest news, including tips and part 2's start date, with our game hub right here.