Diablo IV is officially announced and it's bloody, gory, and filled with Lilith goodness. For those excited about the next step in the iconic Diablo franchise, there is over 20 minutes of delicious Barbarian gameplay footage to enjoy to see even more about the upcoming game in all of its dungeon-crawling glory. 

Thanks to our friends over at Game Informer, we've got 24 minutes of new Diablo IV Barbarian gameplay footage to enjoy. Without further adieu, check out how the Barbarian class plays in the gameplay video below: 


Diablo has always had a very specific gameplay style but the footage above shows off more dialogue and the updates made to the Diablo franchise's art style. The updated shaders and more animated interactions, it looks both familiar to Diablo players without looking dated. 

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Are you excited for Diablo IV and all of its druid glory, or is the recent Hong Kong controversy too much to overlook when looking at the future ahead with Blizzard? Sound off with your thoughts and what you're most excited for over on Twitter @PrimaGames